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Cockroach insect information & pictures

Cockroach insect information & picturesThe Roaches are widely known, at least by reputation. Tere are over 1000 different kinds.

Except for the extreme South and West of the U.S. the following key to certain families may suffice:

At least the hind femora with several distinct marginal spines beneath. BLATTIDAE (Large. Seventh ventral abdominal segment of female divided) and PSEUDOMOPIDAE (Or Blattellidae; incorrectly called Phyllodromiidae. Smaller, That segment not divided).

Middle and hind femora without marginal spines beneath, although there may be bristles or apical spines. Seventh abdominal segment not enclosing terminal ones. A terminal tarsal pad. - PANCHLORIDAE. One genus, Panchlora, includes rather pretty, green roaches that come to us from the Tropics in bunches of bananas. The eggs of at least some species hatch in the female's body. Pycnoscelus is native in the Southeast.

BLATTIDAE - The front wings of both sexes of Periplaneta extend beyond the abdomen. They do not in Blatta (terminal tarsal pad, if present, not half the length of the claws) and Eurycotis (this pad relatively longer). In fact, the wings of the female B. orientalis are mere pads, although the male is better equipped. This rather common arrangement among insects does not seem quite fair as it means that the lady must walk when she wishes to establish her family in a new place.

A nickname for the Oriental Roach is Black-beetle! Like most roaches directly associated with man, it is now cosmopolitan.

E. floridana is said to be "one of the most ill-smelling insects" in America. Periplaneta is occasionally brought to our attention by the large, trim P. americana from the U.S. South or by P. australasiae, not so elongate and wearing yellow shoulder-stripes lengthwise of its front wings. There are several other species.

PSEUDOMOPIDAE - Blattella is represented by New York City's famous Croton Bug. Linnaeus called this species germanica many years ago. As a matter of fact, this household guest probably accompanied our ancestors when they moved from Asia to Europe. It got the name Croton Bug in America because it first attracted general attention in New York about the time the Croton aqueduct was built.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is the way the mother carries around her package of eggs sticking out of the hind end of her body. Those who go afield find numerous species of Ischnoptera, Parcoblatta, and other genera under loose bark. These roaches are independent country folk that never live in towns.

Contrary to general opinion, it usually takes roaches a year or more to reach breeding age.

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